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Posted: Thu May 25, 2023 3:52 am
by phocohanoi7
Analysis and Prediction for Sportist Svoge vs Yantra Gabrovo, 20:45 on May 25th - Bulgarian Second Division. Predictions and analysis of the European and Asian handicap odds for Sportist Svoge vs Yantra Gabrovo from top experts.
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Based on the standings, Sportist Svoge still has a chance to secure a promotion spot to the Bulgarian Premier League next season. They currently sit in 5th position in the Bulgarian Second Division with 48 points, trailing the team in 3rd place (the playoff spot for promotion) by 5 points. It's worth noting that this gap can be closed as there are still 3 matches remaining in the league.
However, considering the current form of the home team, Chavdar Tsvetkov's side, the hope of reaching the 3rd position seems highly unlikely. The competing teams have maintained their focus on form. Meanwhile, Sportist Svoge has shown signs of decline, with only 1 win, 2 draws, and 2 losses in their last 5 matches.
Tonight, they face Yantra Gabrovo at home, and based on their current form, it wouldn't be surprising if Sportist Svoge drops points and officially loses their chance to compete for the 3rd position. This prediction is further supported by the fact that Yantra Gabrovo is not an easy team to overcome.
Currently, Yantra Gabrovo is still at risk of being in the relegation zone, and tonight's match is considered a decisive one for them to secure their place in the league. In contrast to the home team, Yantra Gabrovo has been playing consistently and unbeaten in their last 6 matches, and obtaining 1 point in tonight's match should not be too difficult of a task.
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Sportist Svoge vs Yantra Gabrovo odds:
Asian handicap prediction: 0:3/4
Sportist Svoge lost in the handicap in their previous home match against Yantra Gabrovo. Being the favored team, Sportist Svoge is unreliable, with only 2 wins in their last 10 matches. On the other hand, Yantra Gabrovo is a reliable team, winning the handicap in 5 out of their last 6 matches. Prediction: Yantra Gabrovo.
Goal line prediction: 2 1/4
In 4 out of the last 5 recent matches between Yantra Gabrovo and Sportist Svoge, there were no more than 2 goals scored per match. Sportist Svoge's last 4 matches have also had similar results, with no more than 2 goals per match. It is known that 3 out of Yantra Gabrovo's last 5 matches have ended in under 2 1/4 goals. Prediction: Under.
Score prediction: Sportist Svoge 1-1 Yantra Gabrovo
Asian handicap prediction: Choose Yantra Gabrovo to win the handicap
Goal line prediction: Choose Under.
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