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Interaction Design: How to Surprise? Phone Number List

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2022 8:28 am
by abdulhakim
Today, I want to talk to you about some good experiences. Have found in my daily experience with different apps. The main purpose is Phone Number List to give designers some inspiration through these points Phone Number List , and think about which latitudes can be used to polish our products in the work.

Meituan Label Tips When Phone Number List the user browses down on the home page, after browsing some stores. , if they have not found the restaurant they want to eat, the top will prompt the user: click here if you are confused about what to eat, and Phone Number List guide the user to click "find a good dish". When taking action, you can Phone Number List guide users to pay attention to other information. 02 Meituan takeout pull-down refresh Pull-to-refresh is a common way to incorporate brand logos and mascots, while Meituan gives it a deeper connotation.

When the user swipes to refresh, the kangaroo will move fast on the way to deliver food, implying the speed of Meituan's food delivery, and it Phone Number List will stop when it encounters a red light, implying Phone Number List that Meituan's riders abide by traffic safety. Small details can improve the outside world's impression of Meituan's takeaway brother, who is frantically chaotic and unruly when he delivers food quickly. Small details can also hold a lot of connotation.